Station is now on Linux!

Today we are more dependent than ever on many web apps in our daily tasks. In order to manage them quicker and better, how do you usually organize them? Having bookmarks or use to type URLs? What if I tell you that there is app to rule them all? It’s called Station – it’s been on the market for a while, but recently they released the app on Linux. The main idea behind the app is to group all your web apps into one place and have easy access to them by one click. It has more than 100+ apps already and continue to add more. I few months ago I have requested Mega and ManageWP as apps and they added them in very short time. Still there is a thing that I miss: Remembering your apps for your account so you won’t have to add them each time you logon to a new computer. Probably there is a reason not having that as a feature yet, but you definitely should try it.