My favorite Visual Studio Code productivity extensions

As a developer you’ve probably already met Visual Studio Code Microsoft’s lightweight code editor. If you haven’t, you definitely should try it. Today I’m going to share my VS extensions with a missing feature which I recently found – sharing extensions, themes and configuration. What happens if you step on a new machine? You have to customize all your key binding, download all your plugins and setup your theme preferences. And you probably want to sync that across all your devices. Before that I will share all my productive plugins which make my day. They are separated by categories.

C# extensions

  1. C# – Full IntelliSense for C#. A MUST for .NET developers
  2. C# XML Documentation Comments – Most of the Visual Studio’s users are very familiar with. Type “/// + TAB” and you get nice documentation for your classes and members.
  3. C# Extensions – Pretty nice addition to the C# extension. Providing quick scaffolding of classes, interfaces etc.
  4. NET Core Test explorer – Browse, run and debug tests directly in the editor.
  5. Nuget package manager – No need of explanation.

Git extensions

  1. Git History – This extension gives you full feature Git client in the IDE. Search commits, merge and compare branches and more.
  2. gitignore – Remove files from source code tracking from the file context menu.
  3. GitLens – Track authors, dates directly in the file.

JavaScript extensions

  1. TSLint – Analysis tool that checks TypeScript code for readability, maintainability, and functionality errors.
  2. Babel JavaScript – Syntax highlighting for today’s JavaScript.
  3. Npm IntelliSense – You get npm modules autocomplete in import statements.
  4. ESLint – Linting utility for JavaScript and JSX.
  5. Debugger for Chrome – Debug your JS app directly in the browser.

Utilities extensions

  1. REST client – Allows you to send HTTP request and review responses.
  2. Docker – Adds syntax highlighting, commands, hover tips, and linting for Dockerfile and docker-compose files.
  3. Path IntelliSense – Plugin that auto completes filenames.
  4. Auto Close Tag – Automatically add HTML/XML close tag, same as Visual Studio IDE or Sublime Text does.
  5. VS Live Share – Real-time collaborative development.
  6. Auto Rename Tag – Auto rename paired HTML/XML tag.
  7. VSCode great icons – File specific icons for improved visual grepping.
  8. SQLTools – Execute queries, auto complete, bookmarks etc.
  9. PHP IntelliSense – Advanced PHP IntelliSense.
  10. IntelliCode for VS — A set of capabilities that provide AI-assisted development. Still in preview, but worth trying.


Cobalt2 theme – Using Cobalt2 theme feels so good. In addition it’s considered the best theme for your eye balls.

Settings sync – This is the missing peace of the puzzle. There isn’t default support of VS Code for this type of synchronization.  This extension will save all your custom settings, themes and extensions. Whatever you switch PCs or just start with new one, setup is as quick as 5 minutes and you have your favorite extensions and settings synced. Reallyyy cool.

I hope you find the list useful. Will try to keep it up to date. If you find any interesting extensions worth mention don’t hesitate to drop me a comment.