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I'm Georgi Marokov, a software engineer, specializing in .NET, operations, and a bit of front-end technologies.
By day, I tackle complex challenges with elegant solutions. When I'm not working, I share moments with loved ones, biking, hiking, and capturing pictures.


In the early days of computers, I was fascinated. We'd hack games, create hobby websites, and even launch multiple successful game servers.
Later on, I've started deep diving into website development in my free time, dreaming of starting my own business (though it didn't quite work out!).
Grouping with a few friends, we even had our own website development studio.
Shortly after, I landed my first IT job, starting as a technical support specialist and quickly transitioning to a quality assurance role. During my time there, I also pursued C# development at a newly established software development university.


Today I'm software engineer working at @Modeshift. Together we build software for the future public transportation. Here, you'll find a bit of everything - cloud-native applications based on .NET, mobile development with React Native, and a lot of IoT devices.

These days I write mostly about .NET, JavaScript and DevOps activities.
Find some of my latest technology insights and monologues.

My passion has evolved to creating innovative experiences, including static web apps, serverless architecture, and cloud-native apps.
You may want to check out my projects here.

Dedicated section for my hobbies at Trail Tales where I'll be sharing product reviews, trail experiences, and pictures from some of the most epic adventures.

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