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Recap my investing into P2P platforms for the last 2 years

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After two years of investing in P2P platforms, it's time for a review and liquidation of the investment. I selected these platforms primarily based on the reviews of Stoycho Nedev, for which I thank him. This is not investing recommendation.


Everyone knows they are currently having difficulties with payments. Nevertheless, I managed to withdraw 30% of the investment a month ago. The withdrawal happened on the same day. The recent yield was 13.78%, which is a high percentage, at least for me. I have always been cautious about the fact that a significant portion of the loans, if not all, were delayed and repaid at the last moment.

No secondary market.
I wouldn't invest with them at the moment.

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Profitability of 8.28%. Since stopping auto-invest, I managed to withdraw my entire portfolio in about a month. Perhaps my short-term strategy plays a role here. The repayment was also quick, with the money already in my account the next day.

I will continue to use them in the future.

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I allocated a very small part of my portfolio here to get my hand on it. The yield was about 9.50%. The withdrawal was delayed by about 3 weeks. Exiting after selling on the secondary market was difficult with slight losses. I understand that they have even closed the secondary market at the moment, which is another red flag.

I would not drop a dime in here.

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Like Reinvest24, I entered here out of pure curiosity. It seems they are currently doing better than their colleagues. The yield here reached 1%, payments were regular, and the exit was relatively quick with significantly fewer costs than Reinvest24 on the secondary market. I have one loan with a maturity date of 11.04.24 that I will keep until it matures and then exit completely.

I would definitely need more knowledge and experience with these kind of platforms.

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Bondora Go&Grow

Immediate liquidation of the investment. The money lands in your account on the same day. Yield of 6.75% - not much, but not little either, considering the liquidity of the funds.

I would definitely put more of our portfolio here in the future.

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I personally never got used to Mintos and their variety of portfolios - be it notes, claims, bonds, which personally confuse me. I still have not recovered Russian loans, but it seems they manage to recover part of the funds from EcoFinance, although no payment has been received since October 2023. The yield here was 12%. The secondary market is also active, as I managed to sell some of my active loans. I'm waiting for the last overdue loan to be paid off and then I'm leaving.

I'll probably like it if I spend more time in the app.

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Peerberry managed to handle the situation caused by the war in Ukraine the best of all. I had about 15 loans that were repaid. Yield of 10.23%. There is also no secondary market, but very rarely some of the loans are overdue. I target only Short Term loans. Collecting the entire portfolio happened within a month, and the withdrawal arrives the next working day. The only drawback is that automatic investing does not work due to the large number of active investors, and quite often, you may observe a large unallocated amount. A solution is to review and buy manually in the morning with a cup of coffee.

Love how the platform works with your money. No delay, no pending payments and nice consistent yield.


I have about a dozen loans to Kviku, which are still for recovery. The last yield before stopping auto-invest was 11.23%. The secondary market is relatively active, and I managed to sell about 80% of my portfolio in a few days. Withdrawal of funds also happened relatively quickly within 3 working days.

I wont completely exit the platform and would put funds in the future.

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Klear lending

Excellent liquidity. I put all my loans up for sale, which were around 500, and everything was sold within two days. Annual yield of about 6.0%. Easy and quick setup of auto-invest.

High transparency in the sense of shared economy.

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