Author • Georgi Marokov - Vehicle history management made easy

  • Dotnet
  • React
  • Hangfire
  • PostgreSQL
  • Semantic UI React

Project overview

Autohub is a comprehensive vehicle history management system that simplifies the process of recording and tracking vehicle histories. It offers a single-page application with a sophisticated React frontend and utilizes the Semantic UI React framework for a modern and user-friendly interface. The backend is powered by ASP.NET Core, while the PostgreSQL database ensures efficient data management.

Key technologies

  • Frontend: React and Semantic UI
  • Backend: ASP.NET Core, Hangfire
  • Database: PostgreSQL


The application is hosted on an Ubuntu server, deployed with GitLab, and configured using Ansible to ensure reliable and automated deployment processes.

Project highlights

  • Modern and responsive single-page application for streamlined user experience.
  • Comprehensive dashboard showcasing key features and functionalities.
  • Reports page for generating and accessing essential vehicle history reports.
  • Vehicle histories page, enabling users to record and manage detailed vehicle histories.
  • Vehicles page for managing a fleet of vehicles efficiently.
  • Vehicle details page, providing in-depth insights into each vehicle's history.
  • Utilizes Semantic UI React for a visually appealing and user-friendly interface.
  • Deployed on an Ubuntu server for reliability and accessibility.

Project impact simplifies the management of vehicle histories, making it an essential tool for individuals and organizations dealing with a fleet of vehicles. By offering an intuitive and feature-rich user interface, it enhances the tracking and reporting of vehicle data. The use of cutting-edge technologies like React and Semantic UI React ensures a modern and efficient user experience.

The deployment process, configured with GitLab and Ansible, guarantees reliability and automation, making it a robust solution for vehicle history management.

This project is a testament to the capabilities of modern web technologies and their role in enhancing data management and user experience.

The project can be explored on GitLab: Autohub repository.

Autohub in app screenshot