Author • Georgi Marokov


  • Azure
  • Blazor
  • GitHub

Project overview

NASA Open API - APOD project is a progressive web app designed to provide users with the Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) using data from NASA's Open API. This app is built using Blazor and utilizes Azure Functions for seamless integration. It is hosted as a static web app on Microsoft Azure, ensuring efficient and reliable performance.

Key technologies

  • Frontend: Blazor
  • Backend: Azure Functions
  • Hosting: Azure Static Web Apps and GitHub


  • Progressive web app (PWA) for easy accessibility on various devices.
  • Fetches the Astronomy Picture of the Day from NASA's Open API.
  • Utilizes Blazor for a responsive and interactive user interface.
  • Integrates Azure Functions to enhance the functionality.
  • Hosted on Microsoft Azure as a static web app, ensuring accessibility and reliability.

Project impact

The APOD project provides users with a convenient way to access NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day, an educational and visually captivating resource. By using Blazor, Azure Functions, and Azure Static Web Apps, the project ensures a smooth and responsive user experience.

The project contributes to science education by making valuable astronomical content easily accessible to the public. It also demonstrates the capabilities of progressive web apps and cloud services for hosting and delivering data.

The project's codebase is available on GitHub: NASA Open API - APOD Repository.

You can explore the live site to view the Astronomy Picture of the Day here: NASA APOD Live Site.

APOD in app screenshot